The dreaded B word.

So, when you decide to become sober SOME people will think it’s completely normal to call you boring! But I can assure you, there is nothing more boring than a drunk person….and this is why…..

Sober people don’t repeat themselves over and over and act as if it’s the first time they’ve told you something you just heard….43 seconds ago. That’s boring.

Sober people don’t slur they’re words as if their batteries are running out. That’s boring.

Sober people don’t stay in bed the next day after a night out, or have to lie down with a flannel on their head saying “I’ll never drink again”. That’s boring.

Sober people don’t shout over others when they’re talking. That’s boring.

Sober people don’t forget what happened the night before and have to ask people if they behaved okay or if they upset anyone. That’s boring.

Sober people get out there and try new things rather than sit in a dingy building where their feet stick to the floor. That’s boring.

Sober people can drive home after a night out rather than waiting in a taxi cue with drunk people who act like it’s a Black Friday sale when a taxi pulls up . That’s boring.

Sober people don’t spend their lives wondering when they can next drink alcohol. That’s boring.

Ahhhhh, I could go on and on but you get the jist. Being called boring since I’ve stopped drinking alcohol is something I’ve got used to. It used to make me feel insecure that there was truth in it, now it makes me laugh. Sober isn’t boring…..being drunk is.

Simple as that.

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The Gay Sober


  1. Suzanne Hamilton

    So true! It’s easy to feel insecure going against the norm of drinking culture. Especially when people can be so vocal about our decision to do what’s right for us, in my case not drinking anymore. All your points are spot on! Thanks once again for a great reminder of how cool being sober can be. ?

    • The Gay Sober

      Yep, we are the cool ones.
      Isn’t it so strange that we are the ones not taking a drug on the night out but we are the outcasts!!!! Lovely to hear from you x

  2. Heather

    All true. I was so afraid of being boring and tackling events sober and in reality it is ALL BETTER!!! I remember stuff, I’m not in a constant state of regret and feeling like shit. And all the other things you mentioned and more. Wish I’d known sooner, but glad I’m on the other side now! XO
    p.s. this is findingme_at50

    • The Gay Sober

      Heather! Hiya, so lovely to hear from you. I know, I wonder I’d realised earlier too. I was in the alcohol trap and thought life would be so dull without the poison. Wrong. It’s the shiniest it’s ever been. Have a great weekend x

  3. Katie hands

    It was was my Christmas work do last night, was teased all day about being boring Katie not fun katie?but had such a good night, it brilliant being sober watching everyone, but being able to get in my car when I’ve had enough!!!!! I bet all the girls day is completely ruined!!!!! Sober Christmas for me?

    • The Gay Sober

      Yay!!!! Well done Katie. Yep, that satisfaction of getting in the car at the end of the night is only beaten by the smugness you feel when yo wake up!!! Well done. If it’s your first Christmas sober I promise you you’ll love it. I was so nervous last year then I realised that I ruined so many in the last through drinking. Hoorah!!! Keep in touch with how it goes.

      • Katie hands

        I’m glad work dos over with now, I was definitely smug today, loads of my colleagues saying they didn’t feel bad this morning, I know that’s a lie I used to say all the time!!!!! I bet their anxiety was sky high!!! ?

        • The Gay Sober

          Yes, me too. Would always say I was fine to try and convince myself. When actually was sweating and anxiety ridden x

  4. Lauren

    So true. I have to admit I really worried about being boring in the beginging of my sobriety and as my first sober christmas approaches… but I also feel I am a better friend, I listen and feel more ME not a drunk version of myself…a version I don’t like. Sadly though, I have had friends completely avoid me, walk away when I approach at parties/ghost me but I have come to realise thats their problem and not mine.

    Thanks for your posts, I love your honesty and they make me laugh.

    • The Gay Sober

      Hiya Lauren, great to hear from you. You’ve got the nail on the head there….their problem not yours.
      You will love Christmas sober. It’s so so so much better!!! I can’t wait for my second one.
      Let me know how it goes x


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