Keeping sober…..

Being sober is something I need to keep working on. When I was six months in  I thought I’d cracked it then went out for a night and actually had to leave (less Cinderella more thief who’s been caught nicking doughnuts). Since then I do regular things to keep on top of it. I’m gonna put some in this post but would love to hear yours too.

  1. I write a post here every day. This won’t last forever but at the moment, to take the time out of my day and check in with any new thoughts (or new swear words) I’ve learnt is invaluable. Also to hear that they help people at times is a mahoosive bonus and also helps my sobriety.

  2. This may sound odd but for the last two months every day I’ve looked into the mirror and said “you’ve done it, you no longer drink”. Yes it’s also a good excuse to check for toothpaste around my gob but to make eye contact with yourself can be powerful. I also make sure I feel that excitement in my belly when I say it.   

  3. I play the tape forward. I summon up Lady Paltrow in Sliding Doors and play two stories. One has me still drinking and has a pretty shit ending. The other has me not drinking and all the choices I now make and what that will lead to (hoorah). I also sometimes get crowned in that daydream and I have no clue why.

  4. I read loads of Quit Lit. Of course some speak to me more but they all teach me something. I’ve also started branching out to other self improvement books. I suppose because I feel anything is possible. I’ll be honest though…..I don’t always finish them. I get excited “oooo shiny new book” then get distracted!

  5. I also am a big fan of podcasts. I always have a few episodes of various ones ready to go on my phone. What I really love with these is that it’s just people chatting about their experience. No celebs, so I can really relate and aspire to be them for the right reasons. I’m going to start one myself soon which will also link in to my sobriety.

  6. I only follow sober people on IG. So when I check my feed (which I’m going to admit is a lot. Sue me.) I only see what our amazing sober community are up to. No “todays office” pictures, no humble brags about a new fucking toe ring or whatever and no couples french kissing (no need). Granted we do love a inspo quote or 100 but they can help too.

  7. I keep checking in with myself that I am not putting alcohol on a pedestal. That I remember I have not given up anything. There is so much monkey crap around us daily telling us how amazing life with alcohol is that I can find myself sometimes being drawn into the romanticism of it. Fuck that for a game of Twister, it’s a twat of a drug.

  8. I talk to my best mate about it all the time. I used to worry that if I was talking about myself I was being boring or selfish. However, I never found helping others or their problems boring. Ever. So I’ve switched it and talking through each up and down of the last 8 months has helped me hugely. It’s actually a massive part of my sobriety.  

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