We are the champions

Who’s your biggest sober champ? Well it should be YOU! We’ve all had help on this sober adventure but ultimately it comes down to YOU. YOU have made the massive life saving change, YOU have stopped necking the poison and it is YOU who has become a sober champion (right, I’ll stop shouting YOU now). 

Without quit lit and sober podcasts I would still be drinking and I spend a lot of time praising them as they deserve it. But sometimes it’s good to stop and remember that yes they helped you, but it’s you who has conquered your demons and kicked alcohol right in the baggy balls (please change genitalia as appropriate). 

So let’s keep on sharing our knowledge of people and accounts and resources that help us but also take the time to big yourself up. To remember that ultimately it is you that decided to make the change, it is you that conquered your drinking problem and it is you who is your biggest sober champion.

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