Two Years Alcohol Free

2 years free of not pouring poison into my trifle hole, convincing myself it was the giver of life when in fact it is the thief.

2 years free of checking my bank balance after a night out to see where I’d been and how much I’d spent.

2 years free of self induced anxiety where I would hone in on one thing I said the night before and then convince myself I was a mix of Voldermot and Grotbags who deserved burying alive.

2 years free of night sweats and waking up with a pool of perspiration between my beer boobs.

2 years free of cigarettes and smoking 40 on a night out then waking up with the dulcet tones of Gollum.

2 years free of having breath like a squirrels ball bag (well….mostly).

2 years free of counting down to the weekends (weekends started on a Thursday for me) just so I could get smashed.

2 years free of feeling weak and ashamed that I couldn’t stop drinking alcohol.

In the last 2 years I’ve got my real confidence back, run a half marathon, got a new qualification, had a massive career change, achieved a life ambition, made friends around the world, had brilliant sober holidays and my connections with family, friends and myself are the best they’ve ever been. So yeah, being sober is pretty life changing.

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