The change…..

One of the things that kept me on the poison was the fear that things would change without alcohol. That things wouldn’t be as good, that I wouldn’t be as good, that life would be dull. I even worried that mates might not like me anymore. Well I was right. Things did change and this is what happened…..

I was worried I’d be dull…..

Nope. I’m still completely myself and still have a right laugh. I now have way more energy so if anything I’m more fun (at least I think so). I also now don’t rely on drink to pick me up so when I have a good time its 100% real and not faux fun because I’ve downed 10 cans of lager.

I was worried my friendships would change…..

They have. Some friends I realised I had because they loved getting pissed as much as I did. Basically drinking buddies and they’ve fallen away. However my other friendships have got even better. I listen more, remember what was said and have genuine connection. Not connecting through a pint of woo woo. 

I was worried the relationship with my husband would change…..

It did, it’s got even better. No more stupid drunken comments or arguments, no more moody hangovers no more time wasted with no energy. Also, now I look back and think about it, if me not drinking affected our relationship that much, there may have been  something wrong there anyway. 

I was worried that parties/events would be terrible…..

Nope! In the past year I’ve done holidays, birthdays, BBQ’s, parties, Christmas, NYE even a sober christening (in Wales they’re massive drinking days) and they’ve all been amazing. Course I was nervous about each one but each one has taught me that I no longer need alcohol to enjoy myself. 

I was worried that a part of who I was would dissapear…..

Well yes a part of me has gone and bloody disappeared. The part of me that had a drink problem. Thankfully, that part of me has been been banished to the bog of eternal stench never to return. Tara alcohol. You have been permanently excluded. 

I could go on and on but what I’m ultimately saying is that it’s my worries that kept me drinking. These worries that are completely valid and still make sense to me. We live in a society where alcohol is not just socially accepted it’s socially expected so of course we have massive concerns about our social and private lives. 

But I’ve learnt that these worries are complete bullshit. I’ve had an amazing year and all the things I thought would get worse have got better. So now I face other things I’ve always worried about or had concerns with and turns out it’s the same with them. Alcohol gives you back your real inner confidence to do this. 

Alcohol had such a hold on me and my mental health and it impacted me in ways I never realised.

Well not anymore. 

Good riddance alcohol you jumped up little tit wank. And watch your back, as I’m coming for you (does evil cackle and swishes cape)


  1. Suzanne

    I needed to read this today. I still have so many of the same struggles in life I had when I was drinking. After over 2.5 years of being a teetotaler, I sometimes have to be reminded that not drinking is the best choice for me to handle those struggles. I’m glad you’ll still be posting here on your website. I get what you mean about leaving Instagram. I’ve come and gone so many times my close friends and family are used to the routine. I do think you have one of the most genuine IG sober related accounts.

    • The Gay Sober

      I completely hear you. Stopping drinking changes your life but there is certain things it just can not change. We still have our completely shit days don’t we but at least we tackle everything sober. And not through a hungover haze.
      Thank you for the compliments on my IG account. I was just spending too much time on it. And it wasn’t ultimately making me feel good. So enough is enough. And I feel like if I can stop drinking I can stop anything! Xx

  2. Janice S

    Love Love Love! I was the ultimate party girl personified until the party ended and I was still partying..the good times stopped being fun. I thought I would lose my identity but I actually just found I was the same girl underneath without the bits I hated about my addicted side….I am the Mum and wife I want to be and still love a night out! Yes Life is a bit different now…for the better!
    Grateful for your blog, you are funny and always spot on!

    • The Gay Sober

      Couldn’t agree with you more Janice. Turns out I’m way better sober than I was drunk. I thought I was a hoot! However when I recognise my old behaviour in drunk people it actually makes me cringe. And an extra bonus….no more anxiety!!!! Thanks for commenting. X


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