Sober holidays

Just got back from my 3rd sober holiday and it was chuffing awesome! I 100% never thought a holiday would actually be a holiday without alcohol but it’s yet another lie that’s been fed to us amigos. Even when I dared to dream that one day I could stop drinking I would think “but I will have a few when I’m away”. Oh hun. Well not anymore. 

Sober holidays are now exactly that…a holiday. It’s about relaxing (not being hungover every day), catching up with yourself and others you’re with (not having conversations you forget about), being active in the days (not just lying in your own alcohol sweat), and of course…eating your own weight in bread & cheese (hourly). 

I was asked if I’ve been away each time with drinkers. Yep. Not heavy drinkers but alcohol has been around me whenever I‘ve been away. But sweet proud mary on a deflated pink lilo I do not envy the drinkers or covet the alcohol because I now see it for what it is……poison in a bottle. I know that one drink leads to a whole heap of twat time. 

Sober holidays are all about the days, yes the evenings are lovely too but I’ll be honest …come 10 o clock I was in that bed and fasto. I woke up to see sunrises and would be filled with energy (granted that may have been helped by caffeine) and be excited about the day ahead. I even fitted in a mini breakfast before the real one!

What I didn’t have to do was work out what was said or done the night before. Or pretend I felt fine when actually I felt like a rhino had done a shit in my mouth and all his friends were practicing a tap routine in my head. I didn’t have to convince myself that everyone drank like a fish on holiday and I didn’t feel anxious. 

This comes back to the biggest realisation of mine …if you need to drink to have fun…is it really fun … or are you just pissed? When I think of the times I’ve actually wasted on holidays being hungover or forgetting what was done or just feeling shit it makes me do a triple eye roll. I wasted a lot of time but not anymore. 

I have to say as well, each holiday (am I Judith Chalmers) gets easier. Of course there are still triggers ahoy lurking but they get less and less and I can honestly say this holiday the only one (yes one) I had was on the drive to the accommodation. Suppose I was looking for a “treat”. Well the “treat” was the holiday.

If you’ve done a sober holiday you’ll understand this. If you’re sober and apprehensive, it will be way better than you think. And if you’re sober curious and thinking “fuck that for a game of Twister” I prommise you I NEVER thought life would be better without alcohol but it turns out the complete opposite is true. 


  1. Nat Normanton

    Just binge reading now you’re gone off insta.

    This has made me smile reminiscing of my sober holidays.

    I have had without a doubt the best holidays of my life since giving up alcohol. I am up with the joggers (they get up bloody early in Mallorca) and even done the odd jog. In Cornwall I surfed for the first time (utter shit at it but had fun finding that out) and found a beautiful walk with the cutest cafe at the end. Previous Cornwall holidays have been spent sole drinking Prosecco on the beach because “why not, I’m on my holidays).

    I’ve got some lovely breaks booked for 2020 and I can’t wait to truly enjoy them instead of using them as an excuse for day drinking.

    • The Gay Sober

      I could not agree with you more!!!!
      For me holidays have now become all about the morning and days and not living for the nights anymore. I genuinely feel relaxed after them and actually come back looking well!!!! Ha!!!
      I too spend a lot of time in Cornwall as my in-laws live there. And yep, they used to just be an excuse for excess. Not anymore!!! Lovely to hear from you.


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