One Year No Beer

So today marks a whole year since I stopped drinking. I never thought I would be able to say that or if I did imagine myself with no poison inside me I certainly didn’t think I’d be happy about it. I imagined life sans alcool would be dull and boring. Little did I know that it is completely the opposite!

These last 12 months have changed my life in so many ways. I am happier, healthier, more confident, energised and have become way more switched on to the world around me and also to what’s going on inside of me. I thought I knew myself pretty well…turns out….I didn’t. And it’s so bloody exciting!

Alcohol impacts your life in ways you never realised. It numbs you, it holds you back, it makes you doubt yourself and makes you feel weak (not to mention the hangovers that make you feel like Michael Flately is Riverdancing around your head whilst vomming up everywhere). Alcohol is a twat, plain and simple. 

Without realising alcohol ran through everything in my life and affected things I had no clue that it did. From small to very large decisions. (small – what restaurants we ate in, I would always see which ones served lager on tap. Big – spending time with loved ones and not writing a day off as I was hungover). 

Of course the last 12 months have been up and down but mainly up. Could I have said that 12 months ago? I probably would have actually, as alcohol makes you lie to yourself…a lot… but it wouldn’t have been true. Alcohol had a massive hold on me and it was a constant bloody tug of war (gosh, a sports reference) which is thankfully over. 

So what am I doing to celebrate my 12 months sober? I’m climbing up the 02 (oh shit). I’m scared of heights and a year ago today I would never have done this. However, now I say yes to most things (apart from olives, nasty little things) as I realised that’s usually when the best things happen. When your out of your comfort zone.

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