5 answers to the dreaded question

Hoorah! December is here. Apart from the fact it means I’ll soon be eating my own weight in mince pies it also means that I have a few socials coming up. Which also means I need my answers why I no longer drink alcohol ready. It’s bloody bizarre that we even have to think about this but until the skunk breath crew realise we’re the cool ones, think about it we must. 

My top 5 answers to why I no longer pour poison down my fair neck …..

  1. Alcohol no longer works for me. 
  2. I did a no alcohol challenge and loved it so much I carried on.
  3. I’d started to get anxiety when I was hungover so why would I do that to myself?
  4. Well let me just say this…..I drank enough…..get me?
  5. I had a drink problem, so I stopped drinking. I no longer have a drink problem. 

For me these seem to be the top ones I use (especially number 3 as it seems to shut people right up) and of course different reasons for different people. Because we all know even strangers think it’s completely normal to get up in our face and say “oh my god, you don’t drink??? Why????”. To which I should just hold up a mirror and say “this is why hun, bye hun”. 

Let me know what you say.


  1. Janice

    Alcohol was ruining my fabulousness!

    I was drinking too much, it made me feel crap and I wasn’t so good at cutting down. So I binned it. Best decision I ever made!

  2. Rachel

    I have started to say – ‘I don’t need to drink anymore.’
    Sometimes, if the person is very annoying (and let’s face it, if they’ve been drinking, they are VERY annoying), I ask them why they drink. That tends to piss them off and then they leave me alone!

    331 days! I’m almost at a year. I feel amazing and quite, quite smug!


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