Who oh why did I stop drinking?

I turned 40 last year and for the last 5 years (maybe more…….definitely more) I’ve been worried (knew) that I have a drinking problem. It was easy for me to drink as apart from the  fact I have no kids (I’m a gay man, married, one very beautiful dog who is our furry child), I also had a career that enabled this.

Anyway, here are the top 5 reasons I stopped drinking-

  1. I was completely fed up of googling “Am I an alcoholic?”. I still haven’t really answered that. Some would yes, I would say no.
  2. Self induced anxiety was becoming part of my life. I worried about everything. “what did I say or do last night?” and “how much did I actually drink”. The last one I would actually lie about……even to myself.
  3. Waking up in a pool of sweat on the nights I wasn’t drinking was humiliating. A bed wetter at 40? No hun. Not okay.
  4. My tolerance for alcohol had become incredibly high. And it was taking more and more to get me drunk.
  5. I was losing self respect. Every time I tried to moderate or tale a break…it didn’t happen. And this would lead to new waves (pretty high waves) of self hate.

I’m happy to say that I now haven’t drunk for over 6 months and I couldn’t be happier. More about how I did it to come. Hoorah!!!! I’m free.

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