What is self care…..

So….self care. What the holy fridge magnet is that then? I’d never really heard it till I got sober but now I hear it a lot. At first I thought it was about wrapping yourself in seaweed and listening to the sounds of dolphins shagging whilst inhaling kale fumes. Well it’s not (and I apologise for bringing up Dolphin porn).

So what is it? Okay, the following 5 self care tips are just my opinion so please feel free to add/ignore. But I think self care is all about the inside, yes go and have someone riverdance all over your back or cover your face in a moth spunk face pack but who really cares about what you look like if your insides still need the TLC?

1. SAY NO. This is something I am still working on but have got way better at over the last 7 months. If you don’t want to do something…..don’t do it. I know that’s easier said than done (oh hi there boss, can’t be fucked to come into work today, I’m doing self care) but it’s also easy when you start. Put yourself first so that you can then help others. Don’t do something then resent the people or situation you’re in. You’re in charge of you. Bottom line, don’t be a martyr.

2. Don’t be ashamed of your social media use. I came off social media for a year and it was brilliant for me. At the time. I was then encouraged to share my story and rejoined IG. And now, at this time, this is brilliant for me. I’m on here quite a bit in the evenings and it helps me so much (like, REALLY helps me). My self care is sharing my story and connecting with others who’ve had the same/similar experience. I’m aware it can become addictive but as I said, IM AWARE. I’ve explained to my partner “I know I’m on IG a lot at the moment but it’s way less time than I spent drinking”.

3. Embrace your inner hippy. So I’ve always been open minded (I hope) and bought into alternative lifestyles etc. But recently….. sweet shit on a skateboard….check my google history and you’ll find “oldest trees in the world holiday” or “amethyst tower”! I’ve always loved nature but now I actually get out in it and let myself feel small and realise the absolute wonder of it all. No joke, I actually winked at a beautiful tree the other day

4. Eat what you want. You have stopped pouring poison into your body. Don’t worry about the food. Listen to your body and eat the food you want.

5. Be grateful. As we know being grateful can dramatically improve a persons life but here I mean be grateful to your body. Pick a part of your body and really be grateful to it. Be conscious all day of that picked part and notice how amazing it makes your life. For me this is self care as it will make you love your body more.

You may read this and think “oh bless you you thick twat, that’s not self care”, but for me these are things that really are making me happy. Therefore, it’s self care.


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