Top 5 Quit Lit books…..

Here are my top 5 quit lit books that have not only helped me but literally (overused word but I do not use it lightly) changed my life.

  1. The Sober Diaries by Clare Pooley – This was the book that changed it all for me. I’d sought help in other places and also tried to help myself (on numerous occasions). It was here, in this book, that I found my saviour Saint Pooley. I didn’t stop drinking straight away as it’s a process but here is where something clicked. How did she reach me? It was through humility, honest and humour.
  2. One Year No Beer by Andy Ramage & Ruari Fairbairns – This does an amazing job of making abstinence into an exciting challenge. I bought this with the intention of doing the 28 days. That quickly changed into 100 days and that is now my alcohol free life. I actually signed up to their 100 day challenge and received emails, tasks, forums and encouragement.
  3. This Naked Mind by Annie Grace – So I bought this book…..and haven’t read it! But before you shout “fake news”, it was through this book I discovered her podcast. WOW. I listened to it everywhere. I felt like she was saying things I’d thought for years but not been able to put into word. This woman is awesome (and the book is in my queue okay).
  4. Alcohol Explained by William Porter – This book is not for the faint hearted. It explains how alcohol affects us on every level. Inside and out. We all know alcohol is a poison (I hope) but when I read this it was like a slap around the chops. There’s no pictures, no humour, no dressing it up. Just hard facts and reasons to make you never drink again.
  5. The Unexpected Joy Of Being Sober by Catherine Gray – The only negative about this book is that I didn’t read it earlier. it made me lol all over the shop and had me nodding along like that bloody dog in the adverts. It’s honest, hilarious and completely brilliant. I can not recommend this book highly enough (I’ve just bought the journal too).

If you’re looking for any books to get you started, keep you on the path or just discover more about an alcohol free life then give these a read.

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