Too hungover to sober up…..

I was too hungover to sober up sooner.

To sober up you need strength, focus, tenacity, energy, self belief, self love, confidence, a shit load of other qualities and ice cream. None of these attributes are created by a hangover. I mean quite seriously that I was too hungover to sober up. Because hangovers don’t just last for the next morning.

Mine would last for days but it’s only since I’ve stopped drinking I’ve really realised that. I’d be rough the next day, then blue the next, then wiped out the next, then almost back to normal….then get back on it. And that’s what I mean by I was too hungover to sober up as alcohol was effecting my life way more than I ever knew.

I didn’t drink every day but when I drank….sweet shit on a pogo stick, I really drank. If it was a drinking day I would be counting down the hours till I could drink again. To take the edge off. Babes, you’re taking the edge off with 10 cans of Export…..okay then.

Since I’ve stopped drinking I of course still have shit days. But the shit days are different. I’m not blue, I’m not anxious, I’m not worrying about my drinking problem, I’m not wishing the days away till I can drink again, I’m not measuring myself again how much the Real Housewives of New York drink (!).

Im not hungover, I’m sober and pretty fucking ecstatic about it actually.


  1. Sammy

    I can totally relate to this! I did drink every day, at least 2 bottles of wine a day. I’d be itching to get to 6pm each day to start to feel ‘normal’. I have been sober 1 year on 25-4-2019 best thing I’ve ever done …. for ME!

    • The Gay Sober

      Sammy that’s amazing! It’s the best decision ever isn’t it to stop downing the poison. I’m almost 8 months and it’s the best feeling ever! Really good to hear from you.


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