Take your time…..

I’m realising that the after effects of stopping drinking happen differently for all of us . It’s an exciting change but I have to remember everyone’s timing of changes is different. Of course, as soon as you stop pouring ethanol into your cake hole you feel better but the rest has to happen in your own time.

When I first stopped 7 months ago I didn’t lose weight. The amount of “treats” I was throwing at myself was huge. And I’m glad. I deserved them. Who cares if I was eating a few croissants in the evening as if they were polo mints. Nothing was as bad as 8+ cans of lager. Interestingly, I’m now not obsessed with my weight.

Also, the first few weeks my sleep was great and then actually it got really shit. My mind couldn’t switch off with my new job and also all the new stuff I was learning about myself (and I’ll be honest I’m often excited about waking so I can eat breakfast, especially if there’s salted butter and uncut bread in the house).

What else? I started to enjoy exercise, then I hated it, then I enjoyed it again ( power walking to the chip shop is awesome). My skin was lush, then it was shit. I was on the pink cloud, then I fell through it, then got back on it and sometimes now dangle on it like a bucking bronco.

I’ve been listening to lots of podcasts and hearing people way further into the adventure. They’re still discovering loads and learning what they really like and what they really want. At the start I wanted it all to change instantly and I thought it had. It really hadn’t and I’m so bloody excited about this as there’s so much more to come.

I know I’m still early into my all inclusive holiday at Soberville Heights but the biggest changes are the changes in my head. I now have daily epiphanies that shake my world like Shakira shakes those truthful hips of hers. And today, it’s that for now, I just need to look after myself and not think I’m Superman ( I do love a cape though).

To conclude this fascinating brain fart….don’t look to others and compare your changes. One of us maybe sleeping like a baby two months in one of us may not. One of us maybe 2 stone lighter….and you can piss off and shut up about it. The main thing we are doing together, at the same time, is not drinking. And that’s the really amazing thing.


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