Stopping drinking is like going travelling…..

I never had the travelling bug, yes I want to see new countries but the backpacking thing never appealed. But lately I’ve been realising that stopping drinking and travelling have a lot of similarities. What the holy flip flop am I on about? Well let me explain…


Before I stopped drinking I did a lot of research. Read books, googled the shit out of it, envied others who’d done it and also even had a few trials of stopping drinking to see if I could do it (obviously here I’m saying my giving sobriety a little try was akin to mates travelling for a short bit before the big off).

Departure date

6 months before I stopped I knew when the big day was. I was excited but also nervous. Would I miss the old life? Could I do it? Will my friendships survive?

Begin travelling

I left my safe place. Put myself out there. Everything felt alien. I was scared but knew I had to do it.

Stayed in hostels

I started surrounding myself with like minded people (on IG mainly). I was completely amazed by how many people there was like me out there on this same experience. Hearing their stories not only helped me massively but also made made my journey smoother and more secure.

Made new friends

I can’t believe that I have made some genuine friendships on here. New mates who have not only supported me but opened my eyes to new ideas and thoughts.

Feel alive

Like travelling does for you I feel alive! Like I’m living every day with a new perspective. Of course not all of the days are good, some are shockingly shit but I keep reminding myself what “home” was like and I’m grateful again to be where I am.

Sometimes homesick

Yep, sometimes I have these thoughts that come from nowhere “oh it was fine, go back to it, you’ve proved your point, just pop back and see if it’s changed”. Thankfully, like being homesick, I know these thoughts are not only fleeting but complete and utter duck shit.

Change forever

I know that this adventure has changed me forever. It’s made me not only see myself in a different light but the whole world. I feel the most connected to other humans and nature than I ever have. I am no longer numb but seeing my life as one massive, exciting event. Wooo hoooo!!!!

The big bonus here though my friends is that it’s cost me fuck all!!!! It’s actually saved me money!!! The negative? That I’m still as white as a super moon and haven’t been to any temple gift shops!!!!

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