Sober self preservation…..

If you look up the dictionary definition to this it says-

“the protection of oneself from harm or death.”

So is staying off the crazy juice self preservation? You can bet your bottom doughnut it is. Does alcohol cause us harm? Yes hun. Can it cause death? I’m sorry but I’ll have to answer yes hun again.

As we know, staying sober can be bloody hard. Especially at the beginning. And this is where our self preservation needs to kick in again. I quickly learnt that I need to put my sobriety first, there’s no time to people please in this instance and believe me, that is something I struggle with. So here’s a few of my SP tips…..

SAY NO TO SOCIALS YOU DON’T WANT TO GO TO – Not all, just ones you think may be tricky. I still go out and have a great time, however, I am selective (which is different from when I was drinking as I’d go out with any fecker). If it’s a mates party I will ring/text and explain and suggest something that doesn’t involve booze at a later date.

ONLY FOLLOW SOBERS ON INSTAGRAM – This will definitely not work for everyone but it works superbly for me. I set up this account to talk about being sober and to connect with similar accounts and it has given me so much joy. It’s a full on sober app for me and I bloody love it. I’ve learnt so much from the sober community and will carry on doing so.

DON’T YEARN AFTER A POISON – Of course I still have the odd walking-past-people-drinking-and-thinking-I’d-love-a-pint sort of feeling. But then I remind myself that it is a poison. It made me very unhappy. It made me talk shit. It made me anxious. It made me ill etc etc. And then I headbutt it off it’s pedestal and back into the gutter.

RING AHEAD – If I am going out for food or to a party I’ve agreed to go to (golly, don’t I sound grand. Very Elizabeth Taylor). I will ring ahead and see if they have AF lagers. If not I have asked them to get some in and in one instance changed venue. For me they really help, so if I’m going to be around people drinking I need to self preserve.

TALK ABOUT YOUR SOBRIETY – When I first stopped drinking it consumed my every thought as much as actually drinking did. And I really needed to talk about it. Not with everyone but with people I trusted. What I didn’t have at the start was anyone who was going through the same thing. However through IG and then a BFF going sober I found it.

READ QUIT LIT & LISTEN TO SOBER PODCASTS – The books I’ve read and the podcasts I’ve listened to have been such a huge help to me. They make me shout out “me too” and “yes that makes sense” and “sorry everyone for shouting out loud”. Whenever I’ve had a wobble they’re my first port of call. But also, when I’m feeling strong too. I bloody love ‘em I do.

So that’s just a few things I do to make sure that I’m looking after myself and staying off the poison. It is so important to protect yourself and take responsibility of that self preservation as it’s no one else’s job. And it’s what helps us live a sober life that’s fucking awesome.  

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