Is The Greatest Showman an alcohol pusher…..

Is The Greatest Showman an alcohol pusher?

Well of course he’s not. But I want to use that film as an example to show how entrenched the media is (and our lives) with the drug that is called alcohol. Remember, this is a PG, family film that is loved around the world and has grossed millions of pounds (and loved by millions too, and it’s easy to see why, it’s great).

I’ve actually gone back through the film to count how many times alcohol was used and I genuinely lost count. No wonder I used to drink to celebrate or to commiserate, if it was sunny or snowing, happy or sad, wedding or funeral, when a member of Take That left or rejoined!

Here are just 10 of the ways alcohol is used in TGS.

1. New home – Bottle of wine, on floor, empty flat.

2. Celebrate child’s ballet recital – Champagne for everyone.

3. A business deal is struck – a whole routine based around doing shots.

4. Visit queen – Champagne for everyone.

5. Family argument – Champagne for everyone.

6. Family meal – Wine.

7. Train journey – Wine.

8. Celebrate a brilliant review – Champagne for everyone

9. Business burnt down – Hip flask (while sitting in ruins of burnt down business).

10. Wife left, friends come together for support – Free bar for everyone!! A whole routine around tankards.

Look, I honestly do not want to come over as a judgmental knob (horrible image) and I know how brilliant this film is. Especially for people who love musicals. I’m just bringing up that no wonder we get addicted to this addictive drug when it’s all around us from all ages. I am also not saying for one second that TGS is responsible for the problem.

But….I think it is something that we really need to be aware of. Hey… probably are…..I’m the one late to the party. It’s just since I’ve stopped drinking, I am realising this drug is shown to me all the time via many forms of media and it’s usually displayed as pretty sexy.

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