I’m sober…..

So….I want to share a technique I learnt ages ago from a gratitude book, that I’ve adapted. It may sound a bit out there (so put the handbrake on your eye roll please) but it really isn’t. They suggest as each foot touches the floor in the morning you say “Thank you”. One foot “Thank” other foot “you”. However I’ve adapted that to “I’m Sober”.

You may want to say “Fuck off” as the two words but just give this a go. Why does it work? It works as a brilliant start to the day as firstly it makes me laugh. And secondly it lights something in my belly (no, not last nights Bhuna). When I think of how I have eradicated alcohol from my life, and this time for good, it proper makes me excited.

I still sometimes have to remind myself on what a massive achievement stopping drinking is for me. It’s become my new normal but my god that addictive little cock face of a drug used to cause me a whole shower of shit. Anxiety, regret, bad health, memory loss, insecurity etc etc and I would actually pay to feel all those things.

Not anymore. So you know what….every morning I’m stamping that left foot down “I’M” and then the right foot “SOBER” (thank Ga Ga I don’t live in a flat), having a little laugh, smiling at my achievement and then getting a coffee in me. Try it. It’s a good start to the day (coffee and stamping optional).

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