Have I lost friends since I stopped drinking?

Have I lost friends since I stopped drinking? No. But friendships have changed. Some friendships have got better, deeper, more real. Some, I just see less. I’m a lucky person that I’ve got some really old mates. I don’t mean ones that have zimmers and false teeth I mean mates since I’ve been 3 up to now.

Social time is now actually sociable. Who’d have thought it? I now sit, I listen, I mean stop the bloody ghost train…..I actually remember the conversations! Granted, come 11 o clock I’m checking my watch every 30 seconds and flicking my eyes to every exit but by then my bed is calling.

So yes I do see some friends less, but was I actually seeing them as they had the same drinking habits as me? Possibly. Probably. I still love these mates but as all relationships evolve so have these ones. If I’ve said a few times “I’d rather food than drinks” and it’s been ignored, then it’s time to get my seat belt on and reverse.

I’ll be honest, there is a big part of me I’ve had to say goodbye to. A part of me that I was scared to let go of. But I know attached to that part of me was a drink problem. And since I’ve let that part go I have gained way more than I have lost. More actually than I ever thought possible. When you say goodbye to alcohol say hello to a new life.

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