Enjoying myself or enjoying drinking..

I’ve always loved architecture. From the shape of a garden shed up to the Taj Mahal. And I also absolutely love old fashioned pubs. Or do I? Was it the 16 century atmosphere I was enjoying soaking up or the fact that they sold Peroni on tap? (And scampi fries too).

Although it sounds like a bit of a flippant comment I am genuinely trying to work it out. Was I enjoying myself or was I just enjoying drinking. I have a feeling it was a bit of both but probably the drinking more. Yes I loved touching the tree Elizabeth I danced around but I also loved touching my pint glass.

Me and my partner would go on these amazing “oldest pubs in the city” tours (curated by me of course) where we would drink slowly all day. Now, these places are packed with history and often beautiful, but so are loads of other places. I wasn’t exactly researching “oldest libraries in the city” tours” was I?

I also think there was an odd, twisted feeling of camaraderie between myself and drinkers down the ages. Almost as if I comforted myself with the thought “people have been getting pissed for hundreds of years, right here, and I’m now joining you”. Bet they didn’t fall into an Uber at the end of the night though babes.

The way I’ll be able to measure this is to actually visit a few of these old haunts and see if they’ve lost their majesty. I have a sinking feeling that I’ll see them as smelly, fly bar ridden, dank, dirty, pits of hell. But hey, I may enjoy myself! And I’ll definitely enjoy the scampi fries.

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