Dry January Inspiration

Hi all, thanks so much for following the blog.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting Dry January inspiration by posting why life is better for me alcohol free. If you’re sober, sober curious, looking to cut down or just up for the Dry January challenge you may find it helpful.

Here’s my first 2 reasons for loving an alcohol free life….

Giving up the booze meant giving up the dreaded self induced anxiety hangovers. Eugh, they were terrible!! I’d wake up worrying I’d offended my partner/friend/dog and get it all so out of perspective that I’d think about it ALL day!!!! When I stopped drinking…..that all went away. Happy new year all!!!
It was only when I stopped drinking I realised how bad it makes your breath smell. Suppose I was too drunk to care. I do remember the next day though popping polos and gum in my cake hole, like I did when I used to have a sly cigarette in school, as I knew my hot breath could melt anyones face I spoke to. Ha!!!!!

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