Don’t make me angry…..

Yesterday I got angry. Because not once, not twice but thrice was I was targeted by sponsored ads or posts that contained alcohol via instagram. Was it showing me the devastation it can cause to peoples lives? No of course not, it was all pastel pinks and roses with glasses of fizz and crap being shown (fizz and crap, my new band name).

One post was just advertising some hipster twat who lived in London and was “a professional gin drinker”. Even in my drinking days that would have brought up a bit of puke in my mouth never mind now! Oh yes, these posts were making out that alcohol was all we needed to make Mothers Day extra special.

So what did I do? I reported the little bellends. Yep, I pressed report and then ticked the “Report inappropriate” box. I also reported one as “Offensive”. Because to me those posts were completely inappropriate and completely offensive. I mean for bollocky sake. I’m called The Gay Sober. You may have got your audience wrong there bebs.

I am hyper aware of the marketing that we are bombarded with and I make no apologies for calling it out. Who knows, without the hoax of marketing, people may start seeing it for what it is. Imagine a post about cocaine popping up. “Happy Mothers Day. Show her you love her, buy her a gram of the finest powder”.

I know there is a fine line between making people aware and coming over as a complete twunt. But sweet crap bags on a bucking bronco I also think we are well within our rights to call out what this  crap for what it really is. Drug Pushing. So there, I’m sure IG are now quaking in their Jimmy Poos.

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