Being honest….

So I’m seven months in and I’ve finally admitted, I no longer enjoy going out with people when they’re drinking. Or at least not for long! At the start I was trying to convince myself that I enjoyed sitting there with a Becks Blue but I actually get to ten (at the latest) and can’t wait to go home.

I find some drunk people, even the ones I love, incredibly dull. No judgment going on here as I too would have been sitting there finding a joke about a soggy beer mat funny probably. But not anymore. I also find the chat can be cringe. I used to think I spoke the truth when I was drunk. No hun, you were talking utter SHIT!!!

I have a group of mates from 6th form college who I still see. We’re talking 25 years of friendship there. When we met it was always a massive sesh and we’d proper get on it. I went out with them all before Christmas and it was okay, few stupid comments were made about me not drinking and by ten I slipped away with a shit excuse.

It’s time for us to meet again. Dates are being thrown around for a piss up and I was starting to dread it.So I put in our group “ I’m not going out for drinks at the moment. I’ll do food but I’m finding drinks boring sober. I like the start part but after 10 I’m looking for my slippers”. The response? Unbelievably supportive! Result!

Half of the group actually agreed that we need to stop the big nights as we’re getting older and it would be nice to just catch up. We’re not a shy, quiet group and really don’t need alcohol to have a laugh or get on. We’d spend whole weekends together when we were young with no drink in sight. So we’re going back to basics and the real friendship.

This could just be a phase for me and maybe I’ll enjoy going out again in the future. For now though I’m stopping pretending I enjoy sitting in a smelly pub with people who’s breath smells like chinchilla shit, banging on about a whole host of crappery. And hey it takes a drunk to know a drunk.

Also, I’m going to start being honest about what socials I want to do. From this honesty has actually come something which made me love my friends even more. Their support and reactions have also reminded me that to others, not drinking on a night out just isn’t a big thing. Who’s have bloody thought???

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