Alcohol night sweats….

Let’s talk about sweats baby.

Night sweats. Ever had them? If you have then you get me. If not… can range from being clammy all over to feeling like you’ve been dunked in a paddling pool. I wouldn’t sweat on the nights I was drinking but often on the nights I’d stopped. I say often as this was not a rule but enough that it has stayed with me.

When I had the night sweats I would wake up, 3/4 in the morning and be soaking. The sweat would be running through my hair, down my face, behind my knees and I’d even have a pool on my chest. It was horrific. The bed would be soaking and would sometimes even stain!! What the actual falafel?

I’d be cold and wet and have to change what I was wearing as it would be drenched. I’d even begun setting sleep clothes that I’d change into through the night. But even in those dry clothes I’d have to lie back in the wet bed. I was actually in denial how much it disgusted me. I just shrugged it off and made a joke of it.

I knew it was my body and brain trying to get back to normal but I’m sure it was also anxiety. Anxiety about how much I drank, smoked and what the holy hell happened in last nights Game Of Thrones (mind you I’ve watched that sober and still don’t have a scooby doo who’s who).

Having a drink problem has so many layers. This was one that, at the time, I seriously justified in my head. If I drink, I sweat. Cause, effect! No no NO! It is not normal to wake up like the lady of the bloody lake doing backstroke in your own sweat! My next step was to get a wet suit.

Thank fruity flapjack I actually wised up, got my sushi together and stopped drinking the bloody sweat juice. There was so many signs (like SO many) that I needed to stop drinking. And that’s why I’m so elated that I have!

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