5 things I didn’t know were more enjoyable without alcohol….

1) Leaving a party or a night out. Before I would be there till the bitter end. Then all of a sudden know it was time to go and leave without saying goodbye. Now it’s way more enjoyable to see my mates, catch up, listen, laugh then go home and sleep. Sober, I would never dream if disappearing. Drunk , it seemed perfectly normal to turn into Houdini.

2) Monday mornings. Before I would spend them full of self hate. Angry that once again I’d failed to moderate. Incredibly down as I’d have used up all my serotonin. Worried as I’d have overspent etc etc. Basically….a hungover mess. Now they’re amazing!!! I feel energised, happy, grateful, healthy and dare i say it….smug as fuck!

3) Sex. Yes, sex is actually better sober. Unbloodybelievable. I mean I don’t need to go into detail here. I was just shocked when I discovered sober sex even existed. My husband is really happy too as I no longer have to check if we did it (jokes….sort of).

4) Food. I’ve always known how amazing food is. But when I was drinking I wouldn’t eat. Why would I eat when I could just keep on drinking. I’ve been to weddings where all I ate all day was breakfast. yeah, really clever. Food was the devil, it made me full and tired. Now…..I’m always at least 3 courses and can actually taste it! Oh I love you food.

5) Poop. I am so sorry but come on…..you have to admit the old tom tits improve dramatically. I mean it makes sense really. Imagine what your body was trying to get out of you. Like the priest dispelling the spirit from the girl in The Exorcist. Again, I wont go into detail here but if you know…..you know.

You know what? I could have gone on and on about the things that I’ve discovered are brilliant without drink. My life has changed so much and every part of it for the better. The only thing i do miss is….oh that’s right….NOTHING!!!

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