5 reasons to start off an eye roll….

As mentioned before I love a good eye roll. Since I’ve stopped drinking I’ve been doing a lot of internal eye rolling (so no one can see obviously). My top 5 reasons to set off an internal eye roll….

  1. Plaques/pillows/car stickers etc etc that have some bollocks about how brilliant drinking is. Over a recent holiday I was met with a sign in the kitchen every day that said “Granny doesn’t need glasses. She drinks from the bottle”. It should have said “Granny is in the gutter, pissed up, puking and crying as she just cheated on Grandpa”.
  2. The way we encourage teens to drink. I was definitely guilty of this myself. I only mean giving them a watered down glass of Prosecco or the bottom of a bottle of lager possibly on a special occasion. But my god, when you start seeing alcohol as a drug it actually makes me want to shout “no, please don’t, it’s poison”.
  3. When I’ve told people that I’ve decided to stop drinking and been asked very personal questions. They want the dirt, I get it. But is it really any of your shitting business hun? I also get it with being gay. I have seriously been asked the most ridiculous questions from strangers about my sex life. What am I? A magic 8 ball?
  4. How alcohol is represented in the media. When the alcohol veil is lifted you realise that it’s everywhere. Billboards, telly, magazines, films, cartoons…..EVERYWHERE. And you know what? It always looks pretty cool. They never show the man who’s had too much to drink, pissed himself, argued with his mates and is puking up a kebab. Strange that
  5. I know I’ve covered this but again…..when others try and make people who aren’t drinking seem boring or dull. It’s just ridiculous. Especially when the person calling you boring is about as interesting as John Major reading the phone book out loud (do excuse the quite radical political slant this post has taken).

What makes you internal eye roll?

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